My teaching statement can be read here.

Economics of Education (ECON 325, Winter 2016)

I was a Graduate Student Instructor in an upper-level writing course in the economics of education taught by Adam Stevenson. This course introduced undergraduate students to reading and analyzing academic research in economics, as well as teaching them how to interpret advanced techniques such as regression discontinuity, instrumental variables, fixed effects, and difference in difference. Students wrote a term paper on a topic of their choosing. No GSI evaluations were distributed for this course.

Intermediate Microeconomics (ECON 401, Fall 2015)

I also served as a Graduate Student Instructor for the intermediate microeconomics course taught by Chris Proulx. This course followed the structure of Hal Varian's textbook Intermediate Microeconomics. This course introduces students to calculus-based problem solving in economics, and is the prerequisite to almost all advanced undergraduate economics courses; many students find it to be the most challenging undergraduate economics course that they take. My teaching evaluations are available here.

Undergraduate Research Seminar (ECON 495, Fall 2009)

As an undergraduate, I worked as a teaching assistant for Frank Stafford's undergraduate seminar. This course was intended to help students pursuing an honors degree in economics write their honors theses, introducing them to empirical research using the Panel Study of Income Dynamics. I gave students feedback on their papers, held office hours by appointment, and answered questions about Stata. No GSI evaluations were distributed for this course.